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Club Features

  • Top-Shelf Liquors

  • Imported Brews

  • Frosty Champagnes

  • 2 Floors & Outdoor Balcony

  • 4 Stages

  • VIP Rooms

  • Champagne Room

  • Private Dance Booths

Larry Flynt's Hustler Club New Orleans Strip Club

When people describe New Orleans you hear words like "crazy" or "wild," and if you've ever visited or partied there, you know that they were not kidding. New Orleans rocks hard 24/7, with Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, New Years Celebrations and the like. But the latest buzz in the French Quarter/Bourbon Street scene is Larry Flynt's Hustler Club Located at 225 Bourbon Street. With your fanny firmly affixed to a bar stool at the club's main service bar, you may gaze for days at the panorama of top-shelf liquors, imported brews and frosty Champagnes.There are three bars in total: one per level, and one near the patio.

For openers, the Hustler Club pushes its perimeters to just over 400 beaver-hunters, on two floors and one outdoor balcony. There are four stages: one main stage downstairs, one mirrored number upstairs near the bar and two satellites. It also offers an upstairs VIP Room complete with fire place and luxurious couches, a Champagne Room and twenty or so private dance booths that are very worth the visit. There is plenty of room to roam around Larry's joint, and it has a very vintage Louisiana feel to it. But the best part of the Bourbon bonanza is with out a doubt, the Hustler Honey's who will take the stress out of any workday blues or stand your world on end into the early hours of the morning. After all, Larry knows what you like!